Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is Conover Resources?

    A.Conover Resources is a collection of multimedia-based classroom resources designed to help you teach soft skills more effectively to your students, employees, or clients. Courses are broken down by subject and include video content lessons as well as printable PDF course workbooks. Each lesson has it’s own video, and the course workbook has accompanying supplemental activities and materials. Included tracking sheets make group instruction a breeze.

  • Q.Why soft skills?

    A.Because soft skills are the most accurate measure of an individual’s success. Skills like planning & organizing, critical thinking, goal setting, and resiliency are critical in today’s workplace. In fact, recent research shows that soft skills can actually account for up to 85% of an individual’s success in life, while traditional “hard skills” (academics, IQ, corporate training, etc.) only account for 15%.

  • Q.How much content is there is Conover Resources?

    A.As of right now, there are over 850 lessons in Conover Resources. Each lesson has it’s own video and downloadable PDF course workbook which includes supplemental activities for individual and group instruction. New courses are added regularly, and a membership to Conover Resources gives you access to all future course content as well.

  • Q.How much is a membership to Conover Resources?

    A.There are 2 membership options available for Conover Resources: a monthly subscription and a yearly subscription. The monthly subscription is only $1 for your first month, then $69/month after that. The yearly subscription is $697/year, and is an annual savings of over $100. With either of the subscriptions you can cancel at any time.

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Only $1 for your first month of access, $69/month after that.


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