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The Anger Management Program

Violent behavior is often the result of stressful events that trigger the inability to control an overwhelming sense of anger. Anger Management teaches a positive alternative to violence, and in turn helps to develop a healthy personality.

Here are the courses that are available for The Anger Management Program

Interpersonal Assertion
This course teaches how to effectively use direct, honest, and appropriate expression of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in dealings with others. It also covers how to be direct and honest in communicating with others without violating the rights of the other person.
This course covers how to sense, understand, and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Empathy is a primary characteristic of a skilled communicator. Persons with strong empathy tend to be sociable and outgoing.
Stress Management
This course teaches how to manage stress and anxiety. Persons with skills in managing stress positively are competent managers of time and are flexible, self-assured, stable and self-reliant.