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The Personal Responsibility Program

Personal Responsibility is a systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system that teaches core self-determination skills related to academic and post-secondary goal setting and achievement.

Here are the courses that are available for The Personal Responsibility Program

Goal Setting
Teaches how to create clear, specific, written goals or objectives with plans and target dates for reaching them.
This course covers how to improve view of possibilities or extent to which people’s goals are internally viewed as within their possibilities, given their individual knowledge, skills and environments.
Values Congruence
This course teaches how to develop a healthy balance between personal values, beliefs and desired goals.
Achievement Drive
This course covers how to increase the level of desire, effort and commitment exerted toward individual goals.
Supportive Environment
This course explains how the extent to which friends, family or peers have impact on an individual’s achievement and how they can positively encourage people in their goals.
This course teaches how to increase the degree to which people have confidence in and value themselves and feel worthy to enjoy goal achievement.
This course teaches the ability and self-discipline to handle personal feelings and emotions in difficult life circumstances.
This course teaches how people learn to manage their own individual time, talents and abilities and focus these on clear objectives.
Problem Solving
This course covers how to improve the ability and willingness to objectively work through roadblocks and use creative thinking skills to arrive at desirable goal solutions.
This course teaches the steps to proactively work through processes and activities and cause bottom-line results to happen.
This course helps people learn to be open to change and to learning and to constantly look for ways to improve themselves.
Personal Responsibility
This course improves the level of individual commitment people are willing to make in setting clear goals and then assuming full responsibility for their achievement.