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Winning Colors®

An assessment and skill building system to help identify dominant behaviors of self and others, improve communication, and avoid conflict.

Course Workbook

Use the workbook to guide you thorough the course and prompt you when to play the videos.  The workbook can also be handed out to the participants so they can follow along while you teach this course.

Tracking Sheets/Lesson Plan

The tracking sheets will allow you to track an individual participant’s progress in this course. The tracking sheet can also be used as a lesson plan, with each course broken down by activity.
Here are the videos that accompany the workbook. Links are also provided in the Course Workbook.

Winning Colors Overview

Improved Actions 1
Improved Actions 2
Language of Success
Color me….a Relater
Color me…an Adventurer
Color me…a Builder
Color me…a Planner
Color Me in Charge…Color Part of Me a Builder
Bottom Line It
If you have a Builder Way…
How to Get Builder Behaviors and Skills
Color Me Thinking…Color Part of Me a Planner
How to Work Well with Planners…
Ways to Get Along with Planners…
Color Me a People Person…Color Part of Me a Relater
How You Work Well with Relaters…
Ways to Get Along with Relaters…
Color Me in Action…Color Me a Adventurer
If You Have an Adventurer Way of Doing Things…
Your Ways to Deal with Adventurers’ Desire for Freedom