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The Success Profiler

The Success Profiler is a systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system designed for social/emotional development. Social/Emotional Intelligence (SEQ) is a learned ability to identify, experience, understand and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. Social/emotional skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement.

Here are the courses that are available for The Success Profiler

This course covers step-by-step instructions on how to improve self-esteem—a perceived level of personal worth.
Interpersonal Assertion
This course teaches how to effectively use direct, honest, and appropriate expression of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in dealings with others.
Interpersonal Awareness
This course improves ability for appropriate social, emotional, and physical distance in verbal and non-verbal interactions with others.
This course covers how to sense, understand, and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Empathy is a primary characteristic of a skilled communicator.
Drive Strength
This course teaches core motivation and goal-setting abilities.
Decision Making
This course improves skills in formulating and initiating effective problem-solving procedures. The ability to make decisions is a key ingredient of self-acceptance and positive self-regard.
Time Management
This course covers how to organize and use time to further individual and career goals.
Sales Orientation
This course teaches the basics of how to positively impact and influence the actions. of other people. The ability to influence others in a positive way is an important aspect of leadership/sales.
Commitment Ethic
This course teaches how to complete projects and job assignments dependably and successfully.
Stress Management
This course teaches how to manage stress and anxiety. Persons with skills in managing stress positively are competent managers of time and are flexible, self-assured, stable and self-reliant.
Physical Wellness
This course covers step-by-step procedures to improve healthy attitudes and living patterns that are important to physical health and well being. Physical wellness is highly correlated to positive stress management.