Workplace Readiness

Research shows that only 15% of workers’ success is determined by what they know (hard skills). The other 85% of success is determined by soft skills. Give your program participants a leg up in preparing for, seeking and securing the career of their choice. The Workplace Readiness program currently has three components: Job Readiness Series, Job Seeking Series, and Job Keeping Series.

Which Workplace Readiness Series would you like to view?

Job Readiness Series

Job Readiness Series is an eight-part series on workplace readiness. This system covers critical soft skills employers are looking for when assessing potential job candidates.

Job Seeking Series

Job Seeking Series is a six-part series on job seeking. This system includes key job seeking skills needed to find, apply, interview and accept a job.

Job Keeping Series

Job Keeping Series is a three part series on job keeping. This system includes practical tips on how to effectively relate to customers, supervisors and co-workers.