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The Anxiety Management Program

If fear and worry are left unchecked, the result is anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry, typically about an event or uncertain outcome. When anxiety and resulting depression overtake our lives, it can impact our health, our relationships and even our personal success in school and the workplace. The Anxiety Management Program teaches how to manage anxiety through learning self-control, managing stress and improving physical wellness.

Here are the courses that are available for The Anxiety Management Program

The battle between the cognitive (thinking) and the emotional (feeling) brain. Logic and reason are part of the cognitive brain, while fear and worry are part of the emotional brain. This intervention unit covers the psychology of self-control, emotions, assertion, how to develop self-control, develop your habits, and the impact of self-control.
Stress Management
Stress is the trigger for anxiety. Stress management teaches how to manage stress and anxiety. It covers the importance of stress management, destructive thinking, constructive thinking, self-control and how to conquer and harness stress.
Physical Wellness
Taking care of one’s body through proper diet, rest and exercise. Self-control and stress management involve thinking while physical wellness involves action. Physical wellness is a critical key to managing anxiety and is often overlooked. It includes self-responsibility, elements of exercise, wellness pitfalls, the side effects of physical wellness, diet, and how to increase your chances of success.