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Job Keeping Series

Job Keeping Series is a three part series on job keeping. This system includes practical tips on how to effectively relate to customers, supervisors and co-workers.

Here are the courses that are available for the Job Keeping Series

Getting off on the Right Foot
This course covers the basics of job keeping. Includes: Being Punctual, Taking Responsibility, Accepting Consequences, Doing Your Job Well, Following Company Rules, Avoiding Gossip
Getting Along in the Workplace
This course covers basic interpersonal skills for three critical areas: supervisors, coworkers and customers. Includes: Responding to Criticism and Complaints, Dealing With Anger, Being Helpful, Being Polite, Being Respectful, Break Room Etiquette
Performance Reviews
This course teaches how to effectively handle performance reviews. Covers: Know and Exceed Expectations, Handling Constructive Criticism, Responding to Compliments, Using Feedback to Improve Performance, Evaluating Your Performance, Making Improvements