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Job Seeking Series

Job Seeking Series is a six-part series on job seeking. This system includes key job seeking skills needed to find, apply, interview and accept a job..

Here are the courses that are available for the Job Seeking Series

Job Search
This course teaches how to find a job. The course covers: Know What Type of Job You Want, Know What Type of Job You Are Qualified To Do, How To Begin Looking, Networking, Job Ads and Websites, Social Media
This course teaches about resumes that get the job. The course includes: Resume Overview, Resume Format, Professionalism, Resume Content, Submitting a Resume
Job Applications
This course covers the basics for applying for a job. Includes: Getting an Application, Filling Out the Application, Personal Strengths, References
Preparing for an Interview
This course covers the basics on how to prepare for an interview. Includes: Getting an Interview, Learning About the Organization, Learning About the Job, Prepare to Answer Questions, Practice Answering Questions, Prepare to Ask Questions
This course teaches the basics of how to properly conduct yourself in an interview. Covers: Physical appearance, What to Bring to the Interview, Interviewing Etiquette, Answer Questions, Ask Questions, Wrapping Up the Interview
After the Interview
This course teaches the proper post-interview things to do. Covers: Following Up, Accepting a position, Quitting a Job, Facing Rejection